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Harwood Ospreys starstarstarstarstar   26th October 2009 - Views: 1233 Harwood Ospreys The RTA was aware that ospreys were using the bridge structure as a nesting site.

Tuesday 1st June: D-day For Nsw Dogs And Their Owners starstarstarstarstar   31st May 2010 - Views: 1113 A new State law (which is due for review in the Legislative Council tomorrow) will cause real headaches for all NSW dog owners who take their pets to outdoor dining areas, by banning the most effective tool to train and manage a pooch: the reward of a simple treat for good behaviour.

Rspca Introduces New Low Maintenance Dog Breed To Sydney starstarstarstarstar   30th April 2010 - Views: 2332 On the morning of Monday 3 May, a unique dog breed will appear on the streets of Sydney's CBD. Endorsed by RSPCA NSW, the 'Invisimutt' is perfect for people who would love a dog to walk but don't have the space, time or money to care for one.

Media Event: Melbourne's Rivers Reap Rewards Of Rain starstarstarstarstar   22nd October 2009 - Views: 1053 Melbourne's rivers and creeks are enjoying the best breeding conditions for five years after the recent rain. Platypus, native fish and frog populations are expected to increase on the back of the highest spring flows since 2004.

Victoria Facing Wave Of Extinctions starstarstarstarstar   22nd October 2009 - Views: 1255 The extensive study was carried out across 30,000 km of northern and central Victoria and revealed many woodland bird species, including honeyeaters, pardalotes, thornbills and lorikeets, were in sharp decline.

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