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If This Product Could Talk... starstarstarstarstar   29th October 2009 - Views: 854 27 October 2009, Sydney, Australia St James Ethics Centre is proud to announce the launch of If this product could talk: Product Roadmaps, part of the Federal Government (Treasury) funded National Responsible Business Practice Project.

Commonwealth Coast Plan Blows Whistle On State Coastal Plan starstarstarstarstar   27th October 2009 - Views: 947 Commonwealth Coast Plan Blows Whistle On State Coastal Plan The Queensland Coastal Plan 2009 uses the 4 th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report (IPCC) to justify its projection.

Greenearth Energy Leads Geothermal Pack starstarstarstarstar   26th October 2009 - Views: 942 Many Australian geothermal companies have been at the Geothermal Resource Council meeting in Reno Nevada last week. Presentations released to the ASX provide in-depth summaries of various projects.

Federal Government Softens On E-waste Regulations starstarstarstarstar   22nd October 2009 - Views: 902 End-of-life TVs and other electronic goods currently going to landfill could be collected and recycled across Australia within six months provided the Federal Government announces clear and stringent e-waste regulations at a meeting of all Federal, State and Territory Environment Ministers in Perth on 5th November 2009.

Chisholm Students To Participate In Global Event starstarstarstarstar   19th October 2009 - Views: 1084 Chisholm Students To Participate In Global Event Chisholm Visual Art and Design students from the Dandenong campus will be embracing sustainability and participating in a global event with in Dandenong.

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