Green Fuel For Olympic Park

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1st December 2009, 08:33pm - Views: 970

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Sydney 2nd December 2009

Green Fuel for Olympic Park

The Sydney Telstra 500 to be held this weekend will be the final round of the first V8 Supercar

Championship series using the new CSR E85 Ethanol Fuel which was introduced at the beginning

of 2009 at the Clipsal 500.

In keeping with the legacy of Sydney Olympic Park that was developed as a unique environment,

a key focus was limiting the emissions to the soil, land, water and air. CSR Ethanol continues to

protect the biological diversity of the area and the spirit that Sydney Olympic Park was founded.

Even though the cars burn slightly more fuel using the CSR E85 Ethanol blend it’s still great news

for the environment.  The CSR Ethanol blend is made from molasses (a sugar by-product); and by

making the switch, the V8 Supercars and the Fujitsu series have been able to reduce their CO2

emissions by 50%* compared to using normal petrol.

The CSR Ethanol E85 has proved to be a green fuel not a slow fuel. The E85 blend has an octane

of 108 which makes it the highest octane pump available fuel in the country. This has enabled

V8 Supercars to make the switch to the renewable fuel and still maintain very similar power and

torque to last year’s cars.

Jamie Whincup of Team Vodafone said “from the first round this year at the Clipsal 500, we

have seen great performance and reliability with many new lap records being set using the new


“The fact that for every litre of E85 fuel used, emits half the C02 of normal petrol is fantastic. 

We can make a difference to the environment, without making a difference to performance.” 

Roland Dane of Team Vodafone said “one of the biggest changes noticed by the team in 2009 is

the cleaner burn and smell.  Because of the E85 fuel there has been a reduction in fumes which

has a caused less fatigue for the drivers and the crew”. 

The 2009 series for the V8 Supercars and the Fujitsu series using CSR Ethanol E85, has paved the

way for the introduction of more E85 powered passenger vehicles being released into the market

in 2010.  This allows the everyday motorist to enjoy the power and performance of the V8



For further information contact:

Martin Cole 

GM Investor Relations, CSR LTD

Telephone: 02 9235 8053


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*The fuel being used by the high performance V8 Supercars is E85, a blend of 85% Ethanol and 15% unleaded petrol.

According to a study by Energetics Australia and peer reviewed by the CSIRO, the E85 used by the V8 Supercars has

about half the C02 emissions of petrol when measured on a full lifecycle basis. 

*Although E85 is not currently available at many service stations, E10 (a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded

petrol) is sold at over 1300 retail outlets across Australia.  Most Australian made and the majority of imported cars

designed to run on unleaded petrol have also been approved by their manufacturer to run on ethanol blended petrol. 

Car owners can check the compatibility of their cars to run on E10 as approved by their manufacturer as

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