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29th December 2009, 11:02am - Views: 688

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Summer 2009/2010

Simple New Year’s tips to make savings by the ‘bucket load’ 

in water, energy and cash!

Do your bit to fight climate change at home  - make a New Year’s resolution to save a four

buckets of water a day in the simple things you do, and at the same time you will be saving a

‘black balloon’ or 50 grams of greenhouse gases from going into our atmosphere.

If everyone did that in Australia, we could save 100 tonnes of greenhouse gases going into the

atmosphere, every day!

Few people realise the amount of energy that is used to collect, treat and distribute water – and if

water use is reduced so are the energy needs, and in turn, so is the amount of greenhouse

gases emitted in its production.

“If every Australian can reduce their water use around the home, they’re not only saving our

precious resource, but saving in water rates and making an even bigger contribution to our

planet,” says CEO of Smart WaterMark, Julian Gray.  Smart WaterMark is Australia’s water

saving symbol for products and services which save water around the home.

“One bucket of water saved for each person is more than 20 million buckets a day across our

country, or around 180 million litres – enough to fill eight Olympic-sized swimming pools every

day.” says Julian. “On top of that is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 25 tonnes a


Going into 2010, Smart WaterMark, wants to wish people a Happy Water Saving New Year and

remind them of the simple things which can save buckets of water and balloons of greenhouse

gas emissions …

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If you still haven’t got the message about turning the tap off when brushing your teeth, it

will be your easiest New Year’s resolution ever!  The running tap can allow half a bucket

of water to literally go straight down the drain every time. If you clean your teeth twice a

day over a week, you will save…

Buckets of water: 7

Balloons of greenhouse gases: nearly 2 

Fix leaking taps – Just one tap dripping can waste over 16 buckets of water a day, or

2,000 litres a month.*  Regularly check any outdoor or indoor taps, pipes and plumbing

fixtures. In a month fix one tap and you could save … 

Buckets : 222

Balloons: 56

Install the latest 3 star/AAA rating showerheads to give a great shower and save you

around 10 litres of water a minute*. They also save you energy costs, as you'll use less

hot water.  A family of four having a shorter shower each day will save…

Buckets: 16

Balloons:  4

Waterless carwash – Using a hose to wash your car will use around 180 litres. As a

waterless car wash uses no water, the savings are 100%! So every wash the savings


Buckets: 20

Balloons: 5

Use grey water for toilet flushing or garden use - a two to three person household can

generate around 300 litres of grey water per day** from the hand basin, shower, bath and

laundry.  That’s drinking water saved every day …

Buckets: 33

Balloons:  8

A pool cover for an average pool will save 40, 000L a year in evaporation. That’s a saving

each year of …

Buckets: 4444 

Balloons: 1111

In the garden, Smart WaterMark reminds people of five key ways to save water:


Mulch - a good layer of mulch will keep the moisture in, reducing the watering needs, as

well as reducing weed growth


Use wetting agents and soil enhancers to help water penetrate different kinds of soil and

be absorbed and retained. 


Install a rainwater tank to provide water for the garden or plumbed to provide water for

laundry and toilet, making a significant saving to the annual water bill.


Use controlled drip irrigation or smart sprinkler systems - where your regulations allow

them – to provide the right amount of water at the right time when gardens or lawns need

it most. 

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Look for the Smart WaterMark symbol – over 200 products and services now carry this

independent sign that shows they are proven to save water.  

Smart WaterMark’s Every Bucket Counts campaign has online calculators to help people

calculate how much water can be saved by using rainwater tanks, pool covers or no or low water

car washes.  

“You can go online to and the calculators also show how much

greenhouse gases that you can reduce as well,” says Julian.

The website has a complete listing of the products and services with

the Mark, where to find them and any rebates offered, as well as the online calculators.

Media information:  

Smart Approved WaterMark CEO - Mr Julian Gray, (02) 92903322 or 0407406973

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's water saving labelling program for products and

services which are helping to reduce outdoor water use. The Smart WaterMark is run by the

Water Services Association of Australia, Irrigation Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry

Australia and the Australian Water Association with funding from the Australian Government's

Water Smart Australia programme through the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage

and the Arts.


Landscaper from ‘Domestic Blitz’ Joel Hurrey says save water and save energy!

Image accompanying this release, for this and others:

Released for Smart Approved WaterMark by GREEN PR, contact Neville Sloss, ph 0414562010

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