Media Event Alert: Water Use Bursts Through Taget 155!

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13th November 2009, 03:01am - Views: 809

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EMBARGOED 13 November 2009

Melbourne’s water use has surged this week to a high of 204 litres per person per day – as Melbourne swelters

under five days exceeding 30 degrees in spring, which could well be just a taste of what Melbourne is in for this



This average daily figure represents a surge of some 49 litres per person per day- and in just one week. 

Mr Tony Kelly, Industry Spokesperson for Target 155,  will be on the steps of Parliament House,

imploring all Melbournians to rein in their outdoor water use now – and will illustrate the simple ways in

which they can keep under 155 Target, while keeping their garden green. 


Treasury Steps, Parliament House

1 Spring Street, Melbourne

Followed By 

Pictorial opportunities in Treasury Gardens immediately adjacent


Friday 13 November 2009


11AM – Doorstop on Treasury Steps  


Mr Tony Kelly, 

Yarra Valley Water Managing Director and Target 155 spokesperson 

“We don’t expect people to turn off their evaporative coolers during the rest of this hot spell, but as we’re not even in

summer yet, we can’t afford this rampant water use, or we could fail to make the 155 Target for the year,” asserts Tony

Kelly, Yarra Valley Water Managing Director and spokesperson for Target 155.

“This past week has proven just how susceptible we are to hot weather combined with no rainfall, and how quickly our

hard won savings can evaporate.  As its only spring, we must keep our water use low so we are conditioned and

prepared for the hot dry summer ahead.  We are still in the grip of the worst drought in history and we must remain

vigilant,” urges Mr Tony Kelly.   

For Media Information Contact: (not for publication) 

Caroline Doherty, Media Manager – Target 155, 0421 465 274/ 9872 2473

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