Water Use Bursts Through Target 155! To 204 Litres!

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13th November 2009, 03:05am - Views: 485

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Melbourne’s water use has surged this week to a high of 204 litres per person per day – as Melbourne swelters under

five days exceeding 30 degrees – and more to come. 

This represents a surge of some 49 litres per person per day- and in just one week. 

Water authorities are calling for all Melbournians to rein in their outdoor use now, as this spring heat wave could be just a

taste of what Melbourne is in for this summer.

“We don’t expect people to turn off their evaporative coolers during the rest of this hot spell and we understand that some

plants will be struggling.  But as we’re not even in summer yet, we can’t afford this rampant water use, or we will surely

fail to make the 155 Target for the year asserts,” Tony Kelly, Yarra Valley Water Managing Director and spokesperson

for Target 155.

“We can see from our daily usage figures, and their jump on watering days, that this week’s surge is likely to be due to

people giving their gardens an extra deep drink as they struggle with the hot weather.  To help our gardens cope – while

we stay cool and remain under Target 155 – it’s vitally important that we look at watering with as much grey and tank

water as possible.  

It’s amazing just how much of a boost you can give your garden with a simple bucket or two in the shower or by diverting

the laundry water onto your garden.  These techniques will dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to water

with tap water during your allocated watering days under Stage 3a restrictions. 

“This past week has proven just how susceptible we are to hot weather combined with no rainfall, and how quickly our

hard won savings can evaporate.  As its only spring, we must keep our water use low so we are conditioned and

prepared for the hot dry summer ahead.  We are still in the grip of the worst drought in history and we must remain

vigilant,” urges Mr Tony Kelly.   

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Garden Green – AND Make Target 155!

Slip pots plants into shady areas or at least places shaded from the harsh midday-afternoon sun

Slop around the mulch mulching your garden to at least 7cm will dramatically decrease evaporation

Slap up some temporary shade for delicate plants.  As simple as moving outdoor umbrellas to cover garden beds or

using an old sheet, man-made shade will protect plants from burning and dramatically reduce their moisture loss. 

Save every drop - A family of four can harvest an extra 140 litres of water a day for their garden by showering over

the bath with the plug in (and then bucketing water out onto the garden). 

Supercharge Your hand watering with the addition of water crystals or seaweed solutions such as Seasol.


For Additional information or for interviews please contact: (not for publication) 

    Caroline Doherty, Media Manager – Target 155, T(03) 9872 2473 M:0421 465 274     caroline.doherty@yvw.com.au

    Rainfall Storages and Rainfall Data

    Nick McGay, Melbourne Water T(03) 9235 2287 M: 0438 981 836     andrew.mcginness@melbournewater.com.au 

EMBARGOED: 13 November 2009


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Under Stage 3a Water Restrictions:

Lawns must not be watered at any time

Even and no-numbered properties can water plants on Saturday and Tuesday 6am - 8am

Odd-numbered properties can water plants on Sunday and Wednesday 6am - 8am

Residents aged 70+ can water plants on their specified days between 6am – 8am 

OR the  alternate time of 8am 10am

Automatic dripper systems can be used to water plants on specified watering days between midnight – 2am

Rain/ grey water can be used at any time 

Cars can be washed at commercial car washes or at home using rain/ grey water

No watering is permitted on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

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