Waste Not, Want Not - Hospitals Clean Up Their Act

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18th November 2009, 12:30pm - Views: 739
Waste not, want not - Hospitals clean up their act

Reducing the overall volume, cost, and environmental impact of waste

Australia's health facilities produce millions of tonnes worth of clinical, general, recyclable and cytotoxic waste each year. Recently there has been an increased focus on waste management practices from State and Federal Governments, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the hospitals senior management.

Effective waste management strategies are essential to ensure all types of waste are disposed of properly, and to minimise the risk of harmful waste (like body tissues and toxic materials) from contaminating land fills and waterways. Consequently, waste management audits need to be employed to reduce the overall volume, cost and environmental impact of waste.

The segregation of hospital waste is a real and significant consideration for the reduction of costs. Madeline Dorman, Waste Officer, Austin Hospital, admits there is an ever increasing need to reduce the cost of waste, and its impact on the environment.

"During our waste audit, we learned that approx 50% of waste that entered the clinical waste stream didn't need to be there - which meant we could pull out and separate the general and recyclable waste. Clinical is the most expensive waste (around a $1 a kilo), as opposed to general waste which is approx 10 cents per kilo", she said.

Gregg Butler, Manager Environment & Waste, manages the segregation of hospital waste at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and has recognised significant cost reductions and process efficiencies, admitting, "This has had a better outcome for the environment and for our financial burden".

IQPC Australia's Hospital Waste Management brings together industry experts to explore strategies to efficiently and effectively manage your hospital waste. Visit http://www.hospitalwastemanagement.com.au/ or email [email protected] for more information.

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