Sydney To Lead Expansion Of Green Vehicles Network

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16th December 2009, 09:01am - Views: 639
Sydney To Lead Expansion Of Green Vehicles Network

16 December 2009

Sydney will help lead an international push to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles to reduce emissions, establish charging stations and convert car fleets, the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore MP said today.

Speaking from Copenhagen where she is attending a Summit on Climate for Mayors from around the world, Ms Moore said electric vehicles (EV) were a necessary part of the mix of more sustainable modes of transport, along with walking, cycling and improved public transport such as light rail.

"Sydney has signed on as one of six global cities spearheading a program committed to accelerating delivery and use of EVs in partnership with the C40 Climate Leadership Group," Ms Moore said.

"The program will facilitate the planning, design, and deployment of electricity supply facilities and systems for electric vehicles in collaboration with relevant regional utilities.

"A specific goal will be the deploying of the first public charging stations before the end of 2010.The City will be looking at funding an initial demonstration station.

"Early in the New Year I will be convening meetings with a range of stakeholders to work on a blueprint for generating greater procurement of electric vehicles and ensuring electricity networks are ready.

"We will work closely with our colleagues at State and Federal levels to quantify the benefits, to create appropriate incentives and to encourage suppliers, utilities and developers of technology in this rapidly changing industry to ensure Sydney leads Australian in EV take-up."

Ms Moore said the commitment to EV dovetails with the City's actions on green infrastructure implementation through its Sustainable Sydney 2030 program. The City has set a target of 70 per cent CO2 reduction by 2030 based on 2006 levels.
Reducing emissions from transport is a key part of achieving that target.

Currently transport contributes some nine per cent of the City's greenhouse gases. Recent research showed that level could be cut in half through sustainable modes of transport.

Additional upsides from electric vehicles included less noise and improved air quality.

Currently more than 700,000 cars traverse the Sydney Local Government Area each day, significantly contributing to smog, greenhouse gas production, congestion, noise and general loss of amenity.

Corporate fleets account for 30,000 vehicles parked in the City each day, many with relative low productivity.

The City will investigate an accelerated procurement of 50 EVs for its fleet, with a similar number to be ordered thereafter.

The Lord Mayor will be one of six invited to participate in a parade of the latest models of "green vehicles" through Copenhagen on Wednesday to help highlight the message from some 100 Mayors for world leaders to take firm and decisive action on climate change.

Ms Moore said the City would work with the NSW Government, care-share companies, couriers and others to scale-up procurement of EVs and secure rapid EV market penetration.

"Experts point to the environmental and economic benefits of a comprehensive EV network. For example, in creating new energy storage capacity there would be less need for the expansion of traditional energy networks," Ms Moore said.

"We intend to partner with Energy Australia to pilot smart grid technologies and test the options for electric vehicles within energy network zones.

"We also want to partner with NSW Government agencies to advocate for fast-tracking of approval processes for bringing EVs into Australia, and also send a joint letter to manufacturers to reinforce that Australia is serious about EVs.

"Like the City itself, the business leaders that dominate the trade in the City can set an example, exerting their influence across large numbers of users. Our aim is to work with business to become early adopters of EVs and provide community recognition of their contributions.

"The City will work with car-share providers willing to build business car fleets to reduce the number of vehicles in the CBD.

"We will consider infrastructure and preferential parking controls where a clear economic and environmental benefit is demonstrated."

Media contact: Jeff Lewis, 0401 994 008

Go to www.cityofsydney.nsw/ , find out what actions cities are taking, get involved in the debate and be heard. You can also read updates from Clover and 'Tweets' in the lead up and throughout Copenhagen.

SOURCE: City of Sydney

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