Scare Campaign Aimed At Mackay Exposed By New Tv Ad

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15th October 2009, 12:20pm - Views: 655

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Media Release

Thursday, 15 October 2009 

Scare campaign aimed at Mackay exposed by new TV ad

A new TV campaign begins this evening in Mackay to expose an attempt by one

of the country’s largest polluting industries to mislead working families and

secure greater compensation from the Federal Government under its proposed

emissions trading system.


Australia’s largest independent organisation GetUp has taken aim at the

Australian Coal Association (ACA) in a television advertisement that exposes its

scare campaign about climate change and jobs.


GetUp members have donated tens of thousands of dollars to air the ad on TV

from tonight in Mackay. The GetUp ad can be viewed and downloaded at:

The ACA wants greater compensation from the Federal Government to go to

multinational companies in the coal sector. As a smokescreen, the ACA is

running a scare campaign aimed at regional communities in a bid to pressure the

Federal Government, GetUp Executive Director Simon Sheikh said.


“Australians are not easily misled and they are not supportive of companies

being given a free ride at a time when everyone accepts they have to do their bit

to fight climate change,” Mr Sheikh said. 


“The reality is taking strong action on climate change with have real benefits,

creating thousands of new jobs in industries like the renewable energy,

agriculture and tourism sectors.”


Mr Sheikh said the TV ad campaign is aimed at the coal lobby for running a

blatant scare campaign, but also at Liberal Party MPs who will attempt to further

water down an emissions trading scheme in negotiations with the government.


“What Australians are not prepared to accept is big polluters, like the coal

industry, dodging their responsibility in meeting this challenge.”


For more information please call Simon Sheikh on 0416 122 483 or Esther

Black on 0410 729 594, or go to


About GetUp: is Australia’s largest independent political

organisation that brings to together individuals and communities to bring

participation back into our democracy. GetUp has over 280,000 members


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