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20th October 2010, 06:04pm - Views: 683

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20 October 2010


Reef Revelry

This November Reef Check Australia will be holding their inaugural Reef Revelry Auction to raise much needed funds to

help protect Australia’s unique coral reefs.

Reef Check Australia (RCA) is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Townsville, which crusades to conserve the Great

Barrier Reef world heritage area.

RCA relies on a network of generous volunteers to help them monitor reefs and report their findings to marine research

organisations, universities and government departments. 

RCA has over 1500 members, and more than 150 volunteers running projects along the coastline from Port Douglas to

Airlie Beach, and in South-East Queensland.

The organisation has been devoted to setting up programs to educate the public about the harmful effects human

behaviour can have on the reef, but this has left little time for fun.

This is why RCA has decided to hold the Reef Revelry Auction at the Exchange Hotel on Friday the 19th of November. 

RCA hopes that the auction will give volunteers and stakeholders a chance to relax and enjoy themselves while still

raising vital funds so that they can keep up the good work.

But the auction is not exclusive to members. Managing Director of RCA Jo Roberts welcomes members of the community

who want to get involved with a worthwhile cause and have a night of fun.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone in the organisation to get together and have some fun, but also raise some

money to help out with reef conservation. We’re really hoping that the people from the community will come out and help

make a difference too”, Roberts said.

Some of the goods up for grabs during the silent auction include a 2 night stay at Hayman Island for 2 people, a family

day pass to Dunk Island for 2 adults and 2 children, and a 10 minute scenic helicopter ride with Helireef.

A number of local dive operators have also stepped in to help, with Quicksilver Cruises and Calypso Snorkel and Dive

both offering up snorkel trips on the Great Barrier Reef valued at up to $380.

Along with the silent auction, festivities will include a coral reef talk by world renowned marine biologist Dr Terry Done,

and live entertainment. 

The night will kick off at 7pm and wrap up around midnight.

Tickets are $35 which covers drinks and canapés for the first two hours of the night. These tickets can be purchased

online at or by calling the RCA office on 4724 3950.

So go on and grab a ticket and help keep Australia’s exceptional coral reefs alive.


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March 2010


Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Australia is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation combining education and research to

result in the protection and rehabilitation of the world’s coral reefs. Established in 2001 by one passionate

individual with a strong vision, the charity has inspired over 100 volunteers to train using a scientifically

standardised protocol in established monitoring techniques and now collects and distributes valuable data on

reef health to marine resource managers and the wider scientific community. This data can provide vital early-

warnings of a decline in reef health. 

With a professional approach and recognised integrity, Reef Check Australia works in collaboration with

community and industry partners to raise awareness, both locally and further afield through education and

participation programs, about the effects of climate change and human impacts on the resilience of the reef. 

Support from a number of industry professionals, along with some valued sponsors and several hard-working

volunteers all make our current projects possible but, in order to succeed in our mission, we need to do more.

As a charitable organisation, donors can make fully tax-deductable gifts to help Reef Check Australia take

positive action towards reaching environmentally sound and economically sustainable solutions to the real

challenges of coral reef conservation.

Our Mission:

To promote healthy local coral reefs through scientific research, community education and marine



To ensure a sustainable future for the Australian and Indo-Pacific region’s coral reef ecosystems by:


The generation and publication of select coral reef data that is highly valued by scientists and marine



The establishment of reef monitoring programs that are accessible to a wide range of the population

and yet still produce valuable data.


The establishment of a coral reef health database for Australia and the Indo-Pacific region that is

integrated in to the global Reef Check network.


For the majority of Australian adults and children to understand the importance of coral reefs and be

able to tell you what they can do to help protect them.


Development and implementation of cutting edge training programs to enhance the value of the data

collected by volunteers.


Quality marine-based education programs for local communities.


Meaningful participation by local communities in the promotion and maintenance of coral reefs through

Reef Check Australia programs or use of the database.


Promotion of the sustainable use of coral reefs through partnerships with governments, researchers,

businesses and community groups.


Raising public awareness of the economic, ecological and social value of coral reefs.

10) Promotion of the Reef Check Australia brand.

11) Financial sustainability of Reef Check Australia.

For more information or to get involved check out our website at

For further press information and high res images please contact Hannah Sorensen at Reef Check

Australia via email, or telephone 4724 3950.

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