Live Export Funding Announcement An Insult To Rural Workers

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15th October 2010, 08:04pm - Views: 757

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          October 15, 2010

Live Export Funding Announcement an Insult to Rural Workers

Today’s funding announcement, by Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig, to improve animal welfare

for animals caught up in the live export trade across both the Middle East and South-East Asia

has been dismissed by the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU) as ‘absolute

garbage’, and the Australian meat processing industry representatives as ‘spin’ and ‘bluff’.

Paul Crane, general manager of WA based meat processor V&V Walsh said, “I’m shocked and

disappointed that the Government’s response to concerns about the live export trade is to throw

more money and support into meat processing facilities overseas in a market like Saudi Arabia.”

“Where is the support for the domestic meat processing industry –

a struggling industry that’s

historically one of the main employers in rural Australia?” he continued.

Federal President Grant Courtney said, “We absolutely reject any further funding into

the live

export trade.  It’s a slap in the face for all the hard working Australians that have lost their jobs.”

“This year alone, 960 rural meat-processing jobs have been lost, largely due to livestock

shortages exacerbated by the live export trade,” he said.

Jessica Borg, Campaign Manager for WSPA said, “Frankly it’s highly unlikely to think that $1.1

million would have any meaningful impact on live export animal welfare when it’s spread across

so many countries and millions of animals.”

“It’s the same response, and the same band-aid solution, that we’ve had for years.  As horrific

footage from Middle-Eastern abattoirs in the last twelve months shows,, it’s made no significant difference to the plight of Australian

animals condemned by this trade so far.” 

A Galaxy opinion poll results released by WSPA this week revealed an overwhelming 79% of

West Australians believe live sheep exports are cruel, while 86% agree that the Government

should phase out live sheep exports if there’s an alternative that saves Australian jobs.

Jessica Borg said, “Why does the Government continue to support this inherently cruel trade

when there are more humane, and more economically beneficial, alternatives such as locally

processed chilled meat export?”


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