Leaders Get Heads Up On Clean Energy

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17th August 2010, 01:46pm - Views: 663

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Tuesday 17 August 2010


Leaders get heads up on clean energy

A hot air balloon carrying the message, “No more hot air – cut pollution now!” was

launched in front of Parliament House this morning by ‘giant head’ caricatures of

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. 

“Australians don’t want more hot air, they want to hear about big clean energy

solutions in the last few days of this election campaign,” said Australian

Conservation Foundation (ACF) executive director Don Henry.

“Australia needs a real plan to make clean energy cheaper, quicker through large-

scale development of solar power.

“There are more than 50 solar power stations proposed around Australia, but under

current policies, only two will get built.”

Oxfam Australia climate change spokesperson Kelly Dent said Oxfam supporters

wanted more investment in clean energy to help developing countries already being

affected by climate change.

“The world’s poorest people are relying on Australia to replace all the hot air of this

election campaign with real solutions,” Ms Dent said. 

“Poor people in developing countries are being affected first and worst by climate

change even though they are least responsible for it. Australia can be a regional

leader and help fund the development of clean energy in poor countries.” 

The balloon will fly over Parliament House every morning until the election (weather

permitting).  The flights were funded by ACF supporters. 

ACF’s live scorecard of the parties’ environmental policies has Labor on 44 out of


Photographs of today’s picture opportunity in front of Parliament House in

Canberra with supporters wearing oversized caricature heads of Gillard and

Abbott next to the balloon are available free for editorial use by contacting

Laurelle Keough at Oxfam, Tel 0409 960 100 or laurellek@oxfam.org.au 

Contact: Kathryn McCallum, ACF Media Adviser, 0403 111 436                                    

John Lindsay, Oxfam Media Manager, 0425 701 801

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