Largest Ever Climate Change Protest Held Across Australia

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12th December 2009, 06:09pm - Views: 413

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Media Release 

12 December, 2009

Largest ever climate change protest held across Australia

Australia’s largest ever community protest for action on climate change was held today, with more than

90,000 people taking part in Walk Against Warming in every major city and dozens of regional centres

across the country.

More than 15,000 people marched through Sydney’s CBD for Walk Against Warming, while more than

40,000 people in Melbourne took part to send a message to leaders in Copenhagen that they, their children

and the planet cannot wait any longer for strong action on climate change.

In Brisbane, 10,000 people walked through the city’s streets and more than 25,000 people took part in

other cities and regional centres. Walk Against Warming is among the first community events around the

world to be held as part of the International Day of Climate Action.

Max Phillips, Walk Against Warming organiser from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, said the

large numbers of families and people from all walks of life that took part today would help focus the

minds of leaders at Copenhagen for immediate, bold action to reduce greenhouse pollution levels. 

“Australians are saying the climate can’t wait while politicians make excuses. The broad cross-section of

the community is out in force today calling on the Australian Government to be a leader not a straggler for

a strong, fair and binding global agreement,” he said.

Linda Selvey, Greenpeace CEO said, "It is time to stop the politics and get on with the job of cutting

emissions. When Kevin Rudd goes to Copenhagen he needs to stand with the people of Tuvalu and those

most affected by climate change and push for a legally binding global treaty and a stronger Kyoto

Protocol. Climate change is an emergency and we're running out of time."

Louise Tarrant, LHMU National Secretary said: “Our response to the climate crisis must be bold, effective

and equitable.

“A fairer society can only be built in a safe climate. This is why low income Australians need to see a

strong global agreement and emissions reductions of 40% by 2020. To meet the climate change challenge

we must have an ambitious green jobs agenda and fair financing for those who will be most affected,” she


Cara Bevington, Make Poverty History spokesperson said,” Climate change will affect us all, but millions

of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are already being hit hardest by climate change, despite

being the least responsible for causing it.

“Those affected include Pacific Islanders losing their homes to rising sea levels, the poor of Bangladesh

coping with more frequent floods and rural African communities dealing with devastating drought.

“At this key moment, the world needs a strong, legally-binding treaty that will ensure a safe climate.

Hundreds of thousands of people will continue to pay with their lives if Kevin Rudd and other leaders fail

to reach a fair, ambitious, and binding global agreement at Copenhagen,” she said.

Media enquiries: Max Phillips, 0419 444 916

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