Flawed Ets Must Be Deferred

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27th November 2009, 08:00am - Views: 647

November 27th 2009 

Media Release



“The flawed emissions trading scheme legislation currently before the senate must be deferred until

after the Copenhagen summit” said William Kininmonth, science advisor to the Australian Climate

Science Coalition.

“Political uncertainty that has emerged

in the last 24 hours shows that many of Australia’s politicians

have grave doubts this legislation is in Australia’s best interests.  There is a need for breathing space to

consider the ramifications.

Deferring the bill until after the Copenhagen summit is the sensible position to adopt given the

uncertainty of the global response to reducing greenhouse gas emissions” said Mr Kininmonth.

Frontier Economics modelling shows that the recently revised scheme will result in a $3.7billion deficit

compared to a $2.1 billion surplus forecast in regard to the earlier proposals put to the government by

the opposition. 

It is widely accepted that there will be no environmental benefits from a scheme that aims for a five per

cent cut in emissions, especially if adopted unilaterally; there are certainly large costs to be borne by

the Australian economy.

“Given the changing sentiment within the electorate as expressed in a series of recent polls, the

uncertain science underpinning now non-existent global warming and the lack of commitment by major

economies, this bill should be deferred.

We call upon the senate to act in the national interest and defer this bill until after the Copenhagen

summit” concluded Mr Kininmonth.



The Australian Climate Science Coalition, is an affiliate of  the International Climate Science Coalition

and was formed by a group of scientists and  professional people interested in encouraging continued

scientific research into the world’s climate and in particular into the effects of increased concentrations

of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The mission of the ACSC is to promote open scientific debate on

the causes of climate change.   ACSC is an apolitical, not for profit, science advisory group. For more

ACSC Executive Director:  Max Rheese 0428 621 320   Email: info@auscsc.org.au

William Kininmonth 0418 376 236

William Kininmonth is a meteorologist and former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre. He was Australian delegate

to the World Meteorological Organization’s Commission for Climatology (1982-98), including two terms on its management

board. William Kininmonth is author of the book, Climate Change: A Natural Hazard (2004, Multi-science Publishing Co,


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