Eleven Week Oil Spill Stark Reminder Of Poor Protection

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4th November 2009, 12:00pm - Views: 663

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4 November, 2009

Eleven Week Oil Spill Stark Reminder of Poor Protection:

Legacy Must Not be Just Oil

An oil-scarred area across the Kimberley seas is a stark reminder of not just the damage inflicted

by one of Australia's worst oil spills, but also the challenge for the Commonwealth Government

to address long-term protection of unique marine life, the Pew Environment Group said today.

John Carey, Kimberley Conservation Director with the Pew Environment Group released the

following statement:

"The company has talked about how much it has cost its bottom line, but what has been the final

cost to the marine life of the Kimberley? Seventy-three days later, hundreds of thousands of litres

oil – the damage is already done.

“This must never happen again. If there is to be one good legacy to come from this spill, it will

be protections put in place for this globally significant region.”

"Less than one per cent of the seas off the Kimberley coast have any protection in place. The

only way to protect the Kimberley’s marine life is by establishing large marine sanctuaries – as a

safe haven for marine life free from industrial development.”

"The parliamentary inquiry promised by the federal government must now learn the harsh

lessons of this major oil spill and both plan for improved emergency responses to future spills

and put in place safeguards for vulnerable marine life."


Media enquiries: John Carey, Pew Environment Group, 0400 450 399


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