Commercial Car Washes Protect The Environment

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21st October 2010, 01:35pm - Views: 992

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Media Release

21 October 2010

Commercial car washes protect the environment

Clean Up Australia is supporting the Australian Car Wash Association’s campaign to educate

the community on responsible car washing.

Ian Kiernan AO, Clean Up Australia Chairman, says that commercial car washes accredited

under the Australian Car Wash Association’s Water Rating Scheme and the federal Smart

Approved Water Mark are the best option for keeping vehicles clean.

“Now that water restrictions have been eased, people are washing their cars at home again,

unaware that with every wash they’re sending approximately 750ml of toxic sludge – including

heavy metals such as lead and zinc – into our stormwater systems,” Mr Kiernan said.

“With nearly 4 million vehicles in Victoria, that sludge all adds up to a huge impact on the

animal and plant life in our rivers, creeks and coastlines.”

Already 220 car washes across Victoria have been accredited under the Water Rating

Scheme.  Charles Warren, Australian Car Wash Association CEO, looks forward to many

more following.

“The car wash Water Rating Scheme provides a structured self-assessment of water use,

verified by an independent audit, to ensure compliance with strict water efficiency

requirements.  The 5 star signage is your guarantee that you are using a water efficient car

wash,” said Mr Warren.

“Once the public is aware that washing a vehicle on the streets or on any other paved area

contributes to the degradation of our rivers and coastlines, I am sure that they will consider

alternatives which are more environmentally sensitive”  said Mr Warren.  “Going to a car wash

is as affordable as going out for coffee – and it’s quick and easy.”

enable Australians to find commercial car washes that capture, clean and re-use water,

preventing pollutants from entering our stormwater systems.  


For further information contact or to arrange an interview:

Marita Dortins, Clean Up Australia: 0415 385 056 

Charles Warren, Australian Car Wash Association: 0409 583 255

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