Cash For Containers A Crucial Step Towards Zero Waste

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1st November 2010, 01:20pm - Views: 1398

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Media Release

Monday 1 November 2010

Cash for containers a crucial step towards zero waste

Clean Up Australia is calling on Federal and State Environment Ministers to commit

to container deposit legislation at this Thursday’s Environment Protection and

Heritage Council (EPHC) meeting.

Ian Kiernan AO, Clean Up Australia Chairman and founder, says that a national

deposit on drink containers is long overdue.

”It’s time for action – no more excuses, no more time wasting. Australians want to

see firm leadership and real action at this week’s EPHC meeting,” said Mr Kiernan. 

“A national poll commissioned by Clean Up Australia last year found that 87% of

Australians want to see a national container refund scheme introduced, and yet the

voice of the community is being ignored. Why are our political leaders so reluctant to

listen to their constituents? They seem to forget we live in a democracy under which

they have been elected to represent the interests of communities.”

South Australia has had a container refund scheme in place for more than 30 years,

and the benefits are evident.  NT has announced a scheme to be introduced in 2011.

“We know that cash for containers directly correlates to less waste ending up in

landfill – or worse still, in our environment. 

“South Australia enjoys a recycling rate of 75-85% for cans and bottles – more than

double that of other states. And SA is the only state where beverage containers are not

among the five most commonly collected types of rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day,”

said Mr Kiernan.

“The benefits don’t stop there. With more items recycled we can reduce the use of

virgin materials. Greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy usage can be

reduced, as recycling is less resource-intensive than production of new containers.

“Container deposit legislation makes sense for the community as well as the

environment. Resource recovery is a source of green jobs, and a means of additional

income for schools, community groups and anyone willing to take the trouble to

collect and return drink containers.”  


For further information or to interview Ian Kiernan, contact Marita

Dortins: 0415 385 056 

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