C'mon It's Not Just Co2, It's The Methane Too!

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26th October 2009, 08:00am - Views: 747

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Embargoed 5am 26/10/2009

C’mon it’s not just CO2, it’s the methane too!

A major shift to plant diets is essential to avoid an unprecedented global climate catastrophe, says a

coalition of organisations led by Supreme Master TV (Australia).

A new assessment by two environmental specialists published in the November/December 2009

issue of World Watch Magazine concludes that the livestock sector contributes over half of global

anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions - much worse than the 18% cited by the United Nation’s

2006 report Livestock’s Long Shadow

“The evidence is now clear that our focus primarily on CO2 emissions is misinformed,” Supreme

Master TV spokesperson Jenny McCracken says.

“It’s just so commonly overlooked that global livestock production emits 40% more greenhouse

gases than all the world’s transportation.

“It’s time our leaders acknowledged the major role of animal-based agriculture in increasing global

warming and its other environmentally devastating consequences,” says Ms McCracken.

US climate scientist Dr James Hansen says, "If you eat further down on the food chain rather than

animals, which have produced many greenhouse gases and used much energy in the process of

growing that meat, you can actually make a bigger contribution in that way than just about


The coalition strongly recommends that the government stops subsidising the production of animal

products and begins subsidising farmers to transition to healthier, more sustainable practices of

organic plant food production and alternative sustainable rural industries. 

“Cutting methane emissions, primarily from the livestock industry, will see the world begin cooling

rapidly in just over a decade because methane’s lifespan in the atmosphere is only 8 to 12 years, as

opposed to over 100 years for CO2

,” Ms McCracken says.

There are many added benefits of a dietary shift away from animal products such as the enormous

health benefits, prevention of future animal-derived viruses, elimination of animal suffering,

safeguarding precious water resources, preserving forests and bushland from further clearing,

reducing loss of biodiversity, slowing down soil and water degradation, and providing relief to

world hunger.

This message is also endorsed by:

Veg Climate Alliance www.vegclimatealliance.org

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Australian Vegetarian Society www.veg-soc.org 

Vegetarian Society of South Australia www.vegsa.org.au 

Vegetarian Tasmania www.tasveg.org 

Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland www.vegsoc.org.au 

Animal Liberation ACT www.al-act.org

Action for Animals www.tryveg.net 

Victorian Advocates for Animals www.vafa.com.au

Caroline Springs Animal Welfare Network csawnetwork@gmail.com

For more information, contact Ms. Jenny McCracken: enquiry@suprememastertv.com.au or 0431

587 830.

Supreme Master TV (Australia)


[1] Dr. James Hansen in an interview with Supreme Master TV . 'We have only four years left to act

on climate change - America has to lead'- 22 Jan 2009

http://suprememastertv.com/bbs/tb.php/sos/664 [Accessed on 14 October 2009]


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