'browns' In Charge: Keneally Backs Down On Red Gum Protection

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3rd March 2010, 09:34am - Views: 848

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Media Release

2 March 2010




Both The Wilderness Society and the National Parks Association of NSW today

slammed the Keneally Government, following their back down on River Red Gum

protection this morning. The decision opens up the heart of the Murray River

floodplain, the exceptional Millewa forest, to on-going logging for at least five


“This confirms that the ‘browns’ are firmly in charge of the NSW Government and

the Premier,” said Carmel Flint, NPA spokesperson.  

“Former Premier Rees described the Millewa Group of forests as the ‘jewel in the

conservation crown’ when he declared a National Park across them. 

“Premier Keneally has today chopped the promised protected area in half, and

turned her back on independent advice from her own scientists that

recommended protecting all of Millewa immediately.”

“Allowing logging to continue within Millewa for another 5 years will not leave a

forest worth protecting. Premier Keneally has failed the environment,” said Ms


“This is yet another indelible black mark on the abysmal environmental record of

the NSW Labor Government.  Without the full protection of Millewa, the River

Red Gum decision is an empty shell”, said Peter Cooper, The Wilderness Society

Sydney campaigner.

“We are appalled that the NSW Environment Trust established to protect the

environment is now instead being used to continue logging and reward

environmental destruction.

“We call on the Federal Government to now finally put an end to illegal logging in

River Red Gum.  They need to call this logging in under the federal environment

laws and deliver the environmental outcomes the NSW Government has failed to

deliver,” said Mr Cooper.


Carmel Flint NPA 0400 521 474 

Peter Cooper TWS 0415 894 353

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