Let There Be Light And Cleaner Air - And There Was!

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Heading: Let there be light and cleaner air – and there was!

Copy: Claims by Hitachi that its fluorescent ‘clean’ tubes can result in cleaner

air have been verified in an independent test  done in a leading Melbourne



The Hi-Lumic Clean tubes, which are coated in an optical catalyst film, work to

break down organic substances and purify the air whenever they are switched

on reducing the  number of volatile organic compounds and bacteria in the 



Comprehensive laboratory tests conducted by Korea Testing and Research

Institute for Chemical Industry show significant reduction in number of

bacteria and elimination of bad odours with Hitachi Clean Lamps.

“We wanted to see if we could replicate a similar result here,” said ANL

Lighting Managing Director Eddy Awad.


These claims have been confirmed in a test commissioned by ANL Lighting,

the Australian distributors for Hitachi lamps and carried out by Advanced Air


Jordan Panayotov for AAT, said: “ In terms of air quality every door is a

different story as different pollutants in different concentrations present in the

air at specific premises. 

“ Having in mind that, for example, there are more than 1000 volatile organic

compounds and over 400 species of mould and fungi - the combinations of

these pollutants are myriad. On top of this the concrete situation can be very

different in different points of time at the same premises. 

“ Conducting tests for everything is rather complicated, time consuming and

very expensive. Therefore a feasible and cost-effective solution is to measure

the total number of particles in the air. For this purpose we use Ultrafine

Particle Counter P-Trak product from U.S. company TSI – world leader in air

quality monitoring,” he said.


For the test only particles sizes between 1micron to 0.02 micron were

measured. For comparison – human red blood cell is 7 micron.


Measuring the number of fine particles in the air in two separate tests (4/7 & 

11/7/08) in two separate areas within  the hospital – ground level and level

one. Both cases included an inner corridor and adjacent rest room - readings

were taken of the ambient air with the Hitachi  Clean tubes and with 

conventional fluorescent tubes.

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Data obtained in both tests using conventional lamps showed no difference in

the number of fine particles in the air between the inner corridor and the

adjacent rest room. Repeating the tests using Hitachi ‘Clean’ tubes showed a

reduction in the number of fine particles which include  volatile organic

compounds and bacteria.


Tests showed that, although that there was difference in the number of fine

particles measured in the air in  the two dates (4/7 & 11/7/08), in both dates

readings with Hitachi  Clean lamps were down by about 25 % - from 13,800 –

14,200  (conventional tubes) to 10,800 – 11,200 (Hitachi) per cm3 (on 4/7/08); 

and from 13,200 – 13,800 (conventional tubes) to 9800 – 10,200 (Hitachi) per 

cm3 (on 11/7/08).


Designed to purify the air whenever the lamp is switched on, Hitachi Clean

tubes are coated with a thin film of titanium oxide which works to breakdown

bacteria and eliminate odours.  

As well as breaking down organic substances, the optical catalyst film on the

Hitachi tube also reduces smelly odours and smoke in food preparation areas

and toilets.


ANL Lighting’s Eddy Awad: The Hitachi ‘clean’ tubes are very effective in not

only providing efficient lighting but in all areas where people and business are

concerned with reducing bacteria and unpleasant odours, thus  providing

cleaner environment.


“ Top of the list are hospitals and aged care facilities, medical rooms, schools

and childcare centres – and into the hospitality industry, food industry,

supermarkets, dining rooms, clubs,” he said.


About ANL:

ANL Lighting is a progressive Australian wholesaler and distributor of

commercial, industrial and domestic light fittings and lamps supplying a wide

range of lighting solutions.

For further information:

ANL Lighting

Stephanie Leung

03 8833 7000



(Released for ANL Lighting by VPR/ Drew Valentine 0414 353833)

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