Union Welcomes Rio Tinto Negotiation In The Pilbra

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12th January 2010, 08:10pm - Views: 791

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Union welcomes Rio Tinto negotiation in the Pilbra

The CFMEU Mining and Energy division today welcomed a decision by Rio Tinto to

negotiate with the union over a new collective agreement among its workforce in the


The mining giant has agreed to negotiate a new agreement to cover the wages and

conditions of more than 250 workers across its iron ore rail operations in the Pilbra


The decisions follows a long campaign fought by Rio Tinto workers for the right to be

represented by their union in wage negotiations. 

CFMEU Mining and Energy WA Secretary, Gary Wood hoped the decision marked

the beginning of the end of the company’s hostility towards union agreements. 

“The CFMEU Mining and Energy union is hopeful that Rio Tinto’s decision to

negotiate collectively with its workforce marks the beginning of the new era of co-

operation,” Mr Wood said. 

The mining giant moved to a system of individual contracts more than 15 years ago,

denying its employees their rights at work. 

Mr Woods also said that the decision was also a recognition by Rio Tinto that the

industrial landscape in Australia had changed.

“In its decision to negotiate Rio Tinto has finally come to terms with the reality that

the rights of Australian workers have been restored under the Federal Government’s

fairer IR laws,” Mr Wood said. 


The CFMEU will sit down with Rio Tinto management at the negotiating table in the

coming weeks and is hopeful of reaching an agreement.

For more information please call Garry Wood on 0418 931 057 or Tim Fitzsimmons

(EMC) on 0423 375 522 

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