Gladiator To The Rescue In Oil Spill Clean-up

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10th May 2010, 11:25pm - Views: 973

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Gladiator to the Rescue in Oil Spill Clean-Up

MELBOURNE, Australia, May. 10 /Medianet International-AsiaNet/ --

   A revolutionary new product, which could play a big role in cleaning up the Gulf oil spill, has just been


   The Australian developed product, called Gladiator, is a silicone-based liquid which spreads across

the surface of the water. It pushes the oil away as it spreads, concentrating it for easy collection. It is a

brilliant concept which would be particularly useful as a last line of defence where the oil is approaching

the shoreline, or where the oil has worked its way into marshes along the coast. 

   By applying Gladiator at appropriate locations around a spill, the oil can be directed towards booms or


   Gladiator could substantially reduce the labour required to clean up the oil spill - particularly in those

areas which are difficult to access.

   "Silicones are ideal materials for this purpose as they have a very low surface tension, which

translates into a very high spreading pressure to combat the spreading pressure of the oil," according to

Graham Strachan, director of Aquatain Products Pty Ltd.

   Gladiator can simply be poured on to the water and it will self-spread until it forms a very thin layer

(called a monolayer) on the surface. The film is almost invisible, but is very resilient: wind action or wave

action will not break it up.

   "In addition, silicones are safe to use in the environment: within a few days, they degrade into silicates


the most common mineral in the earth's crust," he said. "Being very thin, the film does not affect the

activities of birds or other aquatic life," Mr Strachan said.

   The company already markets two other products which use the same technology. These products

are used for mosquito control and for reducing evaporation from water bodies. The principle is the same

in each case, with the silicone liquid forming a very thin film on the surface. These related products are

certified by NSF International for application to drinking water storages in the US. 

   An Australian company has developed a product which could play a big role in cleaning up the Gulf oil

spill, and is keen to bring it to the attention of the emergency authorities.

   Further details: 

   Graham Strachan, 

   Director Aquatain Products Pty Ltd


   cell: +61 409 250 240

   SOURCE: Aquatain Products Pty Ltd

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