Climate Communities To Boost Local Action

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25th November 2009, 06:49pm - Views: 690

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Media Release 25 November 2009

Climate Communities to boost local action

The Moreland Energy Foundation has welcomed the Victorian Government’s new

Climate Communities program supporting voluntary local action to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions.

“This program recognises the vital importance of the work done by households,

businesses, activists and community groups at that local level” said the

Foundation’s CEO Paul Murfitt. 

Mr Murfitt said the Climate Communities program, announced today, would be a

valuable complement to emissions trading.

“Climate Communities will enable small players, mums and dads and small local

businesses to be part of that economic change and to benefit from it and to in turn

drive the new successful greener economy.”

“For this program to be effective it is vital that the contribution of voluntary action to

emissions reduction is fully recognised in the final design of the Carbon Pollution

Reduction Scheme.”

“It was encouraging to see movement on this issue as a result of negotiations

between the Federal Government and the Opposition, however the outcome is still

uncertain” he added.

Moreland Energy Foundation has been at the forefront of local action on climate

change in Victoria for the last ten years.

“Based on our experience, we know that climate action requires commitment,

innovation, knowledge and collaboration and the State Government has played an

important role in enabling this activity to develop a sound base” said Mr Murfitt.

The Climate Communities program includes $10 million in new funding over four

years. It will incorporate the existing Sustainability Fund grants program and will

coordinate and promote local-level action on climate change. 

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