Twista Whirlybirds Releases New Sale On Whirlybird Range

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7th January 2019, 03:00am - Views: 1858
Australian whirlybird manufacturer and retailer, Twista, is releasing a new sale on their entire range of residential, commercial and industrial whirlybirds. Locally owned and operated, Twista has streamlined their services in order to provide even more affordable roof ventilation systems.

The new range of whirlybirds on sale can be viewed on the official Twista whirlybirds website.

Offering excellent performance in a wide range of weather conditions, Twista whirlybirds utilise natural convection and wind forces to keep your house cool in summer and dry in winter. For property owners that have been searching for an eco-friendly means of slashing their electricity bill, Twista whirlybirds tick all of the boxes. Reduce your reliance on air-conditioning during long hot summers.

Powered both by hot air that builds up in your roof cavity and gentle breezes, Twista whirlybirds exhaust heated air from the roof cavity reducing the overall temperature of your house. As Twista whirlybirds do not use electricity or solar power, they provide effective cooling that could save you thousands of dollars of electricity.

In a range of attractive colours, the roof ventilators blend in seamlessly with your roof to create a great aesthetic. If you need a custom colour, the team can arrange this for you for a small additional charge.

Property owners all over Australia appreciate the superb build-quality of Twista whirlybirds. Made in Australia from premium-quality materials, Twista whirlybirds are designed to handle the most intense weather conditions. The unique construction of Twista whirlybirds with twin steel bearings ensures they operate silently with maximum performance. Eight high-rise ribs provide added durability so you can have complete confidence in the construction of the roof ventilators.

If you feel like every summer is getting more hot and intense, now is the time to invest in the economical cooling efficiency of a Twista whirlybird.

The large size of the whirlybirds (500mm), provides maximum cooling ability and value for money. Heat can be rapidly shifted from your roof cavity and the interior temperature of your property can be managed efficiently.

What is the ideal number of whirlybirds for your property?

100m2 = 4x TWISTA 500mm
150m2 = 6x TWISTA 500mm
200m2 = 8x TWISTA 500mm
250m2 = 10x TWISTA 500mm
300m2 = 12x TWISTA 500mm
350m2 = 14x TWISTA 500mm
400m2 = 16x TWISTA 500mm
450m2 = 18x TWISTA 500mm

With a wide range of five-star testimonials from clients all over Australia, Twista has established a reputation as an industry leader. The experienced team provide a hassle-free installation service throughout the Greater Sydney region.

To take advantage of the massive online discounts currently available, visit the Twista whirlybirds website today.

If you have any questions about the benefits of installing whirlybirds, don't hesitate in contacting the industry leaders at Twista whirlybirds today. With a 24-hour hotline, the experienced technicians and service staff are ready to help you make a savvy decision to keep your house cool in summer and dry in winter.

Twista Whirlybirds
Address: Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia
Phone: 1300 797 714

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