How To Prepare Your Sydney Garden For Summer

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22nd November 2017, 03:15pm - Views: 1749
In order for your garden to thrive throughout a long, hot summer, it is important that you prepare well. Experienced and novice gardeners alike are preparing for the coming summer onslaught with predictions from the Bureau Of Meteorology that the summer of 2017/18 will be one of the hottest on records. Dapple Landscape Design is now offering a range of garden maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Sydney. Here are some tips from the garden maintenance Sydney website that will help your garden stay healthy all summer.


Even beginner gardeners without a green thumb would recognise the importance of ensuring their garden is receiving sufficient water. The secret to proper watering in the summer months is to 'water deep'. Less frequent, but more volume, watering is key to ensuring that water penetrates the crust and is absorbed by the roots. Of course, the type of soil and plant type dictates the proper frequency of watering.


The majority of gardeners in Sydney use organic mulch to prevent the growth of weeds, but it is also excellent at retaining moisture in the top layer of the soil and regulating soil temperature. Direct sunlight on soil can rapidly increase the temperature and cause harm to shallow rooting plants. Light coloured mulch is particularly effective as an insulator. Before you apply mulch, ensure that the soil is moist. Spread the mulch evenly over the surface of the soil. If you want to control weeds effectively a layer of 10cm of mulch will prevent weeds from sprouting. To prevent rooting of trees and shrubs, a gap should be maintained from the base of the tree.


Generally, the application of fertiliser during summer is not recommended as it can stress plants. Slow release fertilisers, or natural compost, can provide your garden with the necessary nutrients without causing stress to your plants. To keep your lawn green over the hotter months, you can use a controlled release fertiliser that contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. This will keep your garden looking healthy and will encourage stable and strong root growth.


The iconic buzz of lawnmowers coming to life on a Saturday morning may be slightly quieter this year as more and more Sydney property owners are choosing to use electric lawn mowers. Whatever type of lawn mower you use, summer is the time of year when it will get the most use. Professional lawn maintenance professionals recommend not cutting more than one-third of the length of your grass blades at one time. If more than one-third of the blade is removed it will stress the grass and can lead to a thinned out lawn. Weekly mowing of the lawn is recommended to keep the yard looking great while encouraging thick root growth.

Who Is Dapple Landscape Design?

Dapple Landscape Design is a landscape consultancy firm that provides a comprehensive range of garden design and maintenance services throughout the Greater Sydney region. With a diverse range of residential and commercial clients in the region, Dapple Landscape Design has a reputation for producing innovative landscape designs that incorporate modern horticulture. With a focus on affordable garden plans, Dapple Landscape Design can help bring your dream garden to life without blowing your budget.

Come and explore the complete range of services the team offers on the Landscape Design Sydney website today.

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