Rspca Victoria Appalled At 2010 Duck Shooting Season

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30th December 2009, 03:14pm - Views: 1106

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RSPCA Victoria 

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RSPCA Victoria appalled at 2010 duck shooting season

RSPCA Victoria is outraged that the Victorian State Government has announced that a

recreational duck shooting season will go ahead in 2010.

RSPCA Victoria President, Dr Hugh Wirth said, “The State Government’s decision to go

ahead with a duck shooting season is irresponsible and displays a blatant disregard for

the welfare of Australian Wildlife. It is no secret that thousands of ducks are wounded

horrifically each and every season and die a slow and painful death. 87% of the

community supports a ban, but once again the community’s voice has fallen on deaf


“State governments in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland have

declared a ban on the recreational shooting of native water birds.

“Surely, it is time our own state government listened to the majority and put a

permanent end to this so-called sport.  The impact of long term low rainfall over the

past years has severely reduced the size of many of the State’s wetlands. This makes it

all the more important to ban duck shooting. To not only allow a season to go ahead,

but to increase bag numbers, is negligent. 

“In a community which now demands much higher levels of accountability, the

continuation of this recreational sport certainly poses questions regarding the moral,

ethical and welfare standards set by our State government”, Dr Wirth said.

“It is mystifying that the State Government hasn’t taken this issue of cruelty seriously

and banned it once and for all,” Dr Wirth said.

RSPCA Victoria calls on Victorians to demand a total ban on this ‘sport’. People can

support the RSPCA by contacting the Acting Minister for Environment, The Hon. Tim

Holding and voice your opposition to duck hunting. 



For more information or interview requests, please contact:

Tim Pilgrim

Media Coordinator

RSPCA Victoria

P: 03 9224 2237

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