Research Shows Death Of A Pet Can Be As Heartbreaking As Death In The Fami

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5th October 2010, 07:24pm - Views: 1129

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October 2010


Research shows the death of a pet can be as heartbreaking as a death in the family

Dr Katrina Warren establishes new web resource for pet lovers

Recent research from the UK which reported that a third of dog and cat owners found the death

of their pet as heartbreaking as a death in the family1

convinced Dr Katrina Warren that grieving

pet owners need greater support.  Dr Warren developed an interactive, non-commercial

Pet lovers can create tributes to their pets, share information and stories with others, get advice

and information on grief as well as links to professional assistance for those who want additional


“My own grief when Toby died earlier this year was overwhelming but so many people

contacted me to say how much they loved him and to recall the bond they had shared with their

own pets,” Katrina says.

“So many people said they felt they had no support when their pet died and they were still

finding it hard to move forward, months or years after their pet had died.

“The website provides support to grieving pet owners and

celebrates the lives of our pets. The site’s main focus is on acknowledging and respecting the

deep love that people have for their pets,” says Katrina. 


Dr Warren is available for interview, please contact Jill Calder 03 9654 8098 or 0419 508 597

Webfirm ( is a specialist in online marketing and web design for small to medium business and

The Our Wonderful Pets project provided Webfirm with the opportunity launch a new social networking

platform that allows online communities to interact through engaging dialogue and content.

Visit  for more details and information.



Research by insurance firm MORE THAN, reported in 18 March 2010

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