Moscow Circus Fish Act Banned By Nsw Authorities

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8th September 2010, 10:23am - Views: 638

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      8 September 2010

Moscow Circus fish act banned by NSW authorities


Great Moscow Circus act was halted by the NSW Department of Industry and Investment

yesterday after Animals Australia received several complaints from the public in Miranda, Sydney.

The circus act, which clearly upset members of the circus' audience, involved a woman swallowing

and regurgitating a live fish.

Executive Director of Animals Australia Glenys Oogjes said: 

"Scientific research has shown that fish are capable of suffering and are therefore protected under

the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.   The Great Moscow Circus also contravened the

NSW Standards for Exhibiting Circus Animals which does not allow circuses to exhibit fish. We

welcome the quick action of the NSW Department to instruct the Moscow circus management to

withdraw the act".

"Circuses continue to claim that performing animal acts are educational.  Far from educational, this

was an inhumane and foolish act which reflected badly on the Moscow Circus."  

"Around the world many countries have introduced bans on keeping (exotic) animals in circuses

due to the suffering caused, and we would welcome similar bans here", concluded Ms Oogjes.

Media comment: 

Glenys Oogjes  041 4312552

Animals Australia Inc.   37 O’Connell Street,  North Melbourne 3051

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