Louise Sylvan Appointed President Of Bush Heritage Australia's Board

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18th November 2009, 12:24pm - Views: 1633

Louise Sylvan appointed President of Bush Heritage Australia’s Board 

FORMER consumer protection advocate Louise Sylvan has been appointed President of the Bush

Heritage Australia Board, with Andrew Myer as Vice President.

Ms Sylvan said, ‘Bush Heritage has a striking vision for long-term land conservation and protection –

own it or partner with landowners to protect it in perpetuity.’  

‘The unique plant and animal heritage and landscapes that so define Australia deserve the preservation

and management expertise that Bush Heritage can provide.  Bush Heritage is already supported by

thousands of Australians.  We are seeking to grow that support and are confidently building towards

achieving our goal of protecting 1 per cent of Australia by 2025.’

Louise, formerly head of CHOICE and currently a Commissioner on the Productivity Commission, is a

member of several NGO boards including the board of the Diplomacy Training Program at the University

of NSW.   

Louise Sylvan has been an active financial supporter of Bush Heritage Australia for more than a decade.

In addition, in 1999 a property which was part of the estate of her late husband was donated to Bush

Heritage, and in 2007 Louise herself donated a property in NSW.  Both properties form part of the Bush

Heritage reserve portfolio. 

Louise is joined by Andrew Myer as Vice-President.  Andrew has also been a long-term supporter of

Bush Heritage.  Among many achievements in a range of sectors Andrew has had a long involvement

with the philanthropic community and for five years held the position of Director and Co-Vice President

of The Myer Foundation.

Phillip Toyne has retired after completing a nine-year term as Bush Heritage President.

Ms Sylvan said,  ‘When Phillip joined the Board, there were twelve reserves, totalling 61,786

hectares. Bush Heritage now owns 31 reserves, covering 946 000 hectares and is strategically

developing numerous partnerships with Indigenous Australians and other landowners across

Australia.  Phillip has led extraordinary growth building Bush Heritage into a leading national

organisation widely respected for its work.


The BHA AGM was held on Saturday 14 November 2009 in Melbourne.

Media interviews are available with:

Louise Sylvan, President Bush Heritage Australia Ph: 0410 610 326

Andy Myer, 03 8825 7000

Phillip Toyne, 0409 368 437

Media enquiries: Annette Ruzicka Bush Heritage Australia 0428 393 704

Notes to editors

High resolution photos are available, please contact Annette Ruzicka, Bush Heritage Australia Ph: 0428

393 704 or 03 8610 9140

About Louise Sylvan

An advocate in consumer protection nationally and internationally for over 15 years, Ms Sylvan is well

known for her work in enhancing consumer rights in a range of areas such as health, food safety issues,

financial services, as well as in competition and consumer policy. 

Ms Sylvan is currently a Commissioner with the Productivity Commission and has previously been the

Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).  Before that Ms Sylvan

was the Chief Executive of the Australian Consumers' Association (ACA) and President of Consumers


In 1999 Burrin Burrin, a property which was part of the estate of her late husband was donated to Bush

Heritage, and in 2007 Louise herself donated a 55-ha property in NSW.  Both properties are in NSW and

form part of the Bush Heritage reserve portfolio located in its South-East Grassy Box Woodland priority

conservation action region. This year the 411-ha Burrin Burrin property was found to contain a rare and

extensive stand of bimble box woodlands.

Andy Myer, Vice-President

Andrew has a long involvement with investment, film and philanthropy. He is the founder and Managing

Director of Sestriere Investments Pty Ltd, a private investment vehicle established in 1985, with

interests in equities, property development and management and is a director of numerous private

companies.  He has produced and executive produced Australian feature films and is a board member of

the Melbourne International Film Festival. Andrew is a Trustee of The Sidney Myer Fund and for five

years held the position of Director and Co-Vice President of The Myer Foundation.  Andrew joined the

Bush Heritage Board in 2007. 

About Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation that protects Australia’s unique animals, plants and

their habitats. Bush Heritage achieves this by acquiring and managing land of outstanding conservation

value, or by working in partnership with other landowners. By 2025, Bush Heritage Australia aims to

own, protect or manage 1 per cent of Australian land.

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