Koala Conservation Initiative Takes A National Role

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18th May 2010, 04:06pm - Views: 1107

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Media Release

Koala conservation initiative takes a national role

May 18th, 2010

Carolyn Beaton and Alex Harris - two neighbours in Noosa who share a concern for koala conservation - have

taken a leadership position with their strategy for community education and engagement in the conservation of

Their refreshing grassroots movement has emerged to help tackle the questions no one can accurately answer:

Just how many koalas are left?

Where do they live?

In what general condition?

Www.koaladiaries.com.au introduces world leading GIS technology to plot the points of koala sightings

contributed by members of the public. With hundreds of members and koala sightings recorded in Queensland

since its launch in February, Koaladiaries.com.au is now available for the submission and viewing of sightings

nationwide. The data being sourced includes live sightings, injuries and deaths. Sightings may be searched by

area, time-lines or cause of death or injury.  The information gathered is freely available to all members, be they

government agencies, individuals, schools or community groups, to assist with policy making, programs and

activities such as scientific research.

Alex Harris built the website and canvassed ESRI Australia to provide the mapping technology required, leading

the country in the integration of ESRI’s software with the crowdsourcing of geocoded data. 

Lifelong wildlife conservationist Bob Irwin is a fan. “What these girls have achieved in so short a time without

funding or the backing of any kind of conservation organisation is remarkable. The intent of Koaladiaries.com.au

with its Koala Sighting Census is to engage the community in conservation efforts. Instead of being the realm of

scientists and activists alone, Koala Diaries makes conservation accessible to the whole community. This is the

most sensible and exciting approach to conservation I have seen in a long while,” he says.

Koaladiaries.com.au may assist the community in identifying significant koala populations, "at risk"

populations, and potentially build an understanding of the home range movements of individual koalas where

their location warrants special attention.  

Other functions of the site include education, a national koala carers’ forum to share information, photo galleries

and blog posts to keep members up-to-date with issues and changes at www.koaladiaries.com.au.


Carolyn Beaton

Mobile: 0439 030 260

Email: carolyn@koaladiaries.com.au 

Alex Harris

Mobile: 0412 635 274

Email: alex@koaladiaries.com.au

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