Enigma Diagnostics Announces Successful Evaluation Of The Enigma Fl By The Uk's Veterinary Laborator

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Enigma Diagnostics Announces Successful Evaluation of the Enigma FL by the UK's

Veterinary Laboratories Agency

PORTON DOWN, June 30 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

     Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the decentralised and point-of-care molecular diagnostics

company, announced today successful independent testing for bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) by

the Veterinary Laboratories Agency to

evaluate the performance of the Enigma FL (Field Laboratory).

    BVD is considered to be one of the main threats to cattle (1), affecting

the majority of herds in the UK. It is closely related to classical swine

fever virus, a serious disease of pigs, and to border disease virus, which

infects sheep.

    The Enigma FL instrument was used to analyse more than 100 blood samples

that had already been screened by antigen ELISA and a laboratory-based RT-PCR

for the presence of the BVD virus. Approximately half of the samples were

proved BVDV positive by the laboratory-based PCR. With the level of

concordance between the two tests being above 97%, this confirmed the Enigma

FL system can produce laboratory-standard results with a high degree of


    The Enigma FL has been designed for easy operation. Tests are provided in

a single-use cartridge that can be stored at room temperature. The Enigma FL

provides a PCR result in less than one hour, a timescale needed to allow

field-based & pen-side diagnosis. On-site testing removes delays from

transport of samples to the laboratory, which can often take days. The system

requires minimal training and its utility for "pen-side" testing for BVD has

already been demonstrated.(2)

    John McKinley, Chairman and CEO of Enigma, stated: "The Enigma

Diagnostics tests could be deployed for the related viral diseases, such as

classical swine fever, with minor modifications. The system itself is broadly

applicable to many other veterinary pathogens, such as TB in cattle,

bacterial infections and other viral infections, such as foot and mouth

disease and avian influenza. Allowing vets to use advanced molecular

diagnosis in the field will enhance their efficiency in managing endemic and

exotic disease outbreaks identifying diseased animals and as importantly,

non-infected ones and improve their surveillance capability."


    UK Contact:

    Enigma Diagnostics

    Deborah Cordingley


    +44 1980 590131

    US Contact:

Community Health Enigma Diagnostics Limited 2 image

    Richard Lewis Communications, Inc.


    Gregory Tiberend - Media


    Cecelia Heer - Investors


    About Enigma Diagnostics Limited

    Enigma Diagnostics Limited is a private UK based company

specialising in developing the next generation of rapid molecular diagnostic

instrument platforms for decentralised and point-of-care settings.

    Enigma's innovative and proprietary technology combines the

speed and sensitivity of real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) with the

simplicity needed for field-based, decentralised and point-of-care tests

providing results from a raw sample in less than 45 minutes.

    The Company is targeting a number of multi-billion pound

markets, core among which are the Clinical and high value Applied Markets.

Enigma's commercialisation strategy is to maximise revenues from a continuous

flow of market leading rapid diagnostic point-of care and in-field instrument

and assay platforms, derived from its broad Intellectual Property portfolio

of issued and filed patents. Enigma will partner with market leaders where

global penetration of markets is required and where appropriate will build an

in-house sales and marketing capability to direct distribution of its


    Enigma has an exclusive licence from the Defence Science and

Technology Laboratory to a portfolio of patents, which represent over 15

years of UK Ministry of Defence funded research and has licences from Applied

Biosystems and Celera Licences for the commercialisation of real-time PCR

instruments. Enigma's R&D activities have generated a portfolio of over 50

plus worldwide patent families dedicated to real-time PCR and wider molecular

technologies. Many of these patents are granted across a range of core

commercial territories including US, EU and Japan with more extensive filing

and grants across a number of other key territories.

    For more information visit www.enigmadiagnostics.com.

SOURCE  Enigma Diagnostics Limited

    CONTACT: UK Contact: 

             Deborah Cordingley, 

             +44-1980-590131, or

             deborah.cordingley@enigmadiagnostics.com of Enigma Diagnostics; 

             US Contact:

             Gregory Tiberend - Media, gtiberend@rlcinc.com, or 

             Cecelia Heer - Investors,

             cheer@rlcinc.com, both of Richard Lewis Communications, Inc.,

             +1-212-827-0020, for Enigma Diagnostics

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