Eat Less Meat To Save The Planet - Says Latest Un Report

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4th June 2010, 09:00am - Views: 1160

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         4 June 2010

Eat Less Meat to Save the Planet – says latest UN Report

The latest report of the UN International Panel of Sustainable Resource Management calls for a

diet change away from animal products such as meat and dairy to reduce the impact of agriculture

on environmental problems.

The report 'Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production' names

agriculture as one of three areas contributing most to environmental problems. 

In its 'Future outlook', the report goes on to say that a substantial reduction of the impacts of

agriculture on the environment "would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change,

away from animal products".

Executive Director of Animals Australia Glenys Oogjes said:

"As the report mentions, people of course have to eat. But we all have a choice what we eat. More

and more people buy a Toyota Prius to reduce their greenhouse gas emission of driving. But

switching from an average Australian meat based diet to a primarily vegetarian diet saves far more

emission. On top of that, it saves more water than any water saving measure you can take in your


The report concludes that "Animal products are important because more than half of the world’s

crops are used to feed animals, not people." It also says that "Animal products, both meat and

dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based


"The purpose of the report was to identify environmental priorities. The outcomes confirm the

conclusions of several previous reports and expert opinions; eating animals is an environmentally

destructive habit." Ms. Oogjes said.

"The report also makes clear that substituting the meat on your plate with fish is not a sustainable

alternative as fish stocks are severely over exploited and are collapsing. We have reached a point

where the only solution is to eat more plant based foods – and there are clear and compelling

reasons to do so whether one is interested in the health of the planet, their own health or animal

welfare." Ms. Oogjes concluded.  

The report is available on

Media comment: 

Glenys Oogjes  04 1431 2552

Animals Australia Inc.   37 O’Connell Street,  North Melbourne 3051

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